Carol's Poetry
Welcome to my site! 
I hope you may find some enjoyment in reading my poems.
They were written from my heart and are about life's experiences.
Many of you may be able to identify with some of the poems.
It took me years before I had enough courage
to share my inner self with others.
Hopefully, I can bring some pleasure to my readers. 
I am the mother of two grown sons who have truly been
my "Rainbows in Life" and my reason for being.
My oldest son and his wife recently made me a new "proud" grandma. 
Although Texas is a big state, they do live close enough
so I can see my new grandson once in a while.
My youngest son lives here. 
In the picture above, Kyle, the oldest, is on the left
with a hat on.  He is the new daddy. 
Corey, my youngest, is on the right.

- Copyrighted 2002 Carol Barton -

Carol's Poems
Daily Sunshine Dancing Friend Dream Lover Dreams
The Faceless Blonde  Magic of Your Touch Friendship Garden Nearness Of You
Knight Dream Lost Love The China Doll Stay One More Day
 My Heart's Desire No Regrets Journeys Whispering Trees
From The Nest Second to Fly Goodbye, My Love Road Map Of Life 

Spring Of Love

Crying in the Wind  Little Sad Ghost Somewhere In Time
I'll Go On Alone

Within A Dream

One Day In a Lifetime Love Like a Rose
Winter Song Friendship Taken For Granted After The Love Has Gone
You Are My Gift In Life Blessed Child Christmas is Love
Christmas Wish A Very Special Christmas Make Me Believe First Love
To Him Only Gesture of Love Dedicated to Midget Can't Stop Myself
Feelings My Commitment To You Sands Of Time  Can't Take It Anymore
PRECIOUS GIFT To My Special Friend A Mother's Love

A Smile In My Heart

 Magic of Friendship You're Special to Me Letter Home Music Of Spring
Four Seasons of Loving You're Not My Daddy Loving You Booby Rhymey
My Hometown Angel Friend I've Been Around Without You
Always My Baby Power Of Words Let Me Come Inside Inspiring Friend
Quiet Tears Friendship Prayer Ebony Omen True Friend
Advice From a Married Man's Wife Once You Belonged To Me Gift From The Heart Answer to a Child's Prayer
To Lose Someone Childhood Christmas Christmas Time Dedicated to Buster
Virginal Vision Love Me Brothers My Brother
Visions Hold Me Close Dance Of Love Glimmering Dreams
Portrait of Middle Age Earth Angel Childhood Friend Because Of You
Love's Demise All Alone Rhythms of Life Love You Like It's My Last
Jasy A Chance At Life Friendship Rainbow Grandbabies
Angel in Disguise Inner Beauty Where Am I Where Do You Go?
Music in My Soul Gift of Friendship Today She Cried Stranger in My Home
Meet Me At the Merry-Go-Round Purrfect Friend Meet Me in My Dreams Love Of Child
Sea Of Life I Believe in Me Teddy Bear Hugs Imaginary Lovers
Whisper of Fate Guiding Light No Knight in Her Days To Be Loved
Where Are You Now  I Hugged a Stranger Today Sisters By Love I Wish You Happiness
Grandma Kisses A Special Father I Love Texas Teddy Bear Friends
 Little Fears  Praying Together So I Can Love Again Men Can Cry
Forever Friend New Beginnings Soul Mates Forgiving
Rose of Friendship Hello God Portrait of a Picture Unlock My Heart
God's Splendor Sunshine In My Heart Although I May Be Different Keyboard of My Heart
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Lori Strevels is my webmistress.
Without her help, I would not have been able to
achieve my dream and my web site would not be here.
Lori, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you for all that you do for me.
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